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Efficient accounts receivable ensure strong and consistent cash flow.

By partnering with us, you'll maintain control of your credit risk and improve collectability on slow-paying accounts.

1st Party A/R

A seamless option for management of your open A/R. This allows Synter to resolve your customer's accounts in your company's name. Your customers will feel no impact.

3rd Party A/R

Synter will resolve your past due A/R as a 3rd party extension of your company. Calling as Synter we help not only with collections on difficult accounts but also dispute resolution for a positive customer experience.

Accounts Payable Management

Synter will manage all outreach by customers in your company's name while cultivating a positive service experience. This includes, but is not limited to, providing status updates on open invoices as well as requesting needed documentation or data required for processing.


Let us help in all the back-office processes. Think of any task that takes your internal team away from generating more revenue.

Document Retrieval

Electronic capture of paper-based documentation enables faster processing and logical organization of documents. The result is speedier billing, enhanced customer service, and a general streamlining of business processes.

At Synter, we provide fast and economical document retrieval to ensure timely receipt, billing, and payment resolution. Utilizing both technological and manual touch points, we can quickly retrieve any piece of the massive amounts of paperwork that accompanies each shipment.

Track and Trace

Tracking and tracing the location of deliveries at all stages of their transportation journey is a crucial component of keeping goods moving. At Synter, we monitor your shipments via both technological and manual systems.

By identifying deliveries at each processing location and entering information into a central processing system, we can provide location and status updates to both shippers and receivers. Synter helps you stay on top of the shipment process from start to finish.

Data Entry

One example is Invoice exceptions.

Logistics invoice processing always involves exceptions. (Even best-in-class accounts payable departments report that 30% of their invoices result in exceptions.) These discrepancies occur for various reasons: missing receipts, pay portal changes, duplicate billing, mismatched quantities or prices, or tax variances.

Hiring more full-time staff to tackle a mountain of unprocessed invoices is not the most cost-effective solution. When you partner with Synter, we efficiently and effectively enter the invoice data into the appropriate payment portals to quickly resolve these accounts. We have the expertise and technology to take this task off your plate so that you can focus on your core competencies.


Do you have a high volume of customers still doing things the old-fashioned way? We can help! Synter uses both manual processes and automation to reach a large customer base with the goal of converting them to newer, more streamlined processes! Whether it is moving from standard paper to eBilling, switching check payments to faster and safer electronic methods, or getting your customers signed up for portal access, we've got you covered!


Synter will field incoming customer calls to assist or route to the correct department while maintaining high levels of customer service and efficiency. This can be facilitated on a company-wide level, or tailored to fit specific departmental needs where you experience high volumes without the desire to increase overhead.


Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we know yours are too! We can help identify customer needs, ensure a start-to-finish customer service experience, and cultivate relationships that allow for you to expand your operations and grow your volumes to new heights!

Contact Campaigns

Change is an ever-present reality of the logistics industry. Policy, pricing, and rates adjust often, and important company announcements must be communicated quickly. Expecting customers to monitor your website for critical news or updates is unrealistic. You must notify them about these changes as soon as they occur.

At Synter, our automated dialer, messaging, and email campaigns can connect with a large number of your clients, vendors, and other stakeholders quickly and efficiently. And our contact center personnel are logistics experts; they understand the industry, the terminology, and your requirements.

We have the technology and expertise to reach the masses swiftly and skillfully, so you can be confident your audience received your message.

Lead Qualification

We understand the need to be competitive and in-the-know when it comes to expanding your customer base. At Synter, we can provide experienced staff and financial tools to identify viable new customers, as well as support inside-sales initiatives to increase business with current customers.

Skip Tracing Services

Synter offers services to help keep your customer data clean and up-to-date. From validating company contact information to locating specific detail based on needs, we can provide a tailored program to ensure you have accurate information ready when you need it!

Assigned Individual (AI) Staffing Model

Finding staff for back-office functions can be a challenge, not to mention the expense of recruiting, interviewing, and training. In today’s world, the new normal is remote workers.

With Synter’s assigned individual (AI) model, we can typically provide back-office staffing within 5-7 business days. And our model is customizable. (For instance, you can choose whether or not to participate in the interview process.) The AIs will function as remote workers for your back office; you will have control over training and management.

Why pay for traditional logistics back-office support when our staffing model costs about 50% less? If you’re looking for help with accounts receivable/payable, track and trace, data entry, cash application, customer service/reception, or document retrieval, we’ve got you covered!